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Welcome to the Lifeonaire Show, where we help people make more, work less, and create lives they love. Based off of the best-selling book Lifeonaire, we are on a mission to transform the lives of business leaders all around the world. On our show, we interview experts in real estate, marketing, health, and other tools you can use to radically change your life. After the show, check out the Lifeonaire Facebook group to get connected with us and learn from others on how to accelerate towards your dream life and business. Now, let’s get into it!
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Dec 28, 2021

Anxiety is a common roadblock that limits many people from having the life they want. When Jodi Howe, of The Air That I Breathe podcast, realized how much anxiety was running her life, she started taking back ownership one step at a time, and she’s here to share how!

Jodi, Wojo, and Peter discussed TONS of thought provoking questions that many of us have about how anxiety works and ultimately how to overcome it. They covered:

  • What does a partnership with God to manage anxiety look like? (hint, it’s not simply praying anxiety away)
  • What do triggers do to our minds, and what happens when we surround ourselves with positive things?
  • How do we know when it’s time to challenge our fears versus knowing our limits?
  • How do we determine if our anxiety is coming from trying to have too much or too little control?

So if you feel like fear gets in your way, don’t go anywhere. Get ready to reduce toxicity in your life and start seeing some powerful changes!

To learn more about Jodi and tackling anxiety, check out her podcast The Air That I Breathe, or go to

Dec 21, 2021

We have a special episode for you today! In this legacy episode, Lifeonaire founder Steve Cook interviewed Dan Alborn, and he shared his incredible story about quitting his job, starting his business, and committing to his vision. Believe it or not, it only took him months to achieve everything he wanted and then some!

Now, most people don't move as fast as Dan, but his story points to something incredible. It’s a testament to the uncanny power of writing down what you want, the importance of pushing through fear to dedicate yourself to a promising plan, the essential element of simplicity, and the delicious motivation that comes from watching the life you want start appearing before your eyes.

So if you’re hesitant about this whole vision thing, or if you haven’t really given it a shot, stop what you’re doing and listen to this episode. Let Dan help you decide TODAY to write your vision and start living intentionally in a way you never have before!

Dec 15, 2021

Do you long to have a great team to work with? Do you want to do what you’re good at (not just what needs to be done)? And do you want to make living the life you want your top priority?

Then stick around! Jeff Guo is here to share how he’s accomplished all of the above, and how you can too. He covers:

  • How hiring team members is an investment (not an expense)
  • The power of specializing in what you love so you can focus your efforts where you are the most refined
  • The major regret of many people that are successful (and what they wish they did instead)
  • And how to find top-notch business partners

If it seems like having a business or work life that supports your vision is impossible, you need to hear what Jeff has to say. As he puts it, success is ALL about mindset, and you can start creating a good one today!

Deep dive into your business at our Business Builder Workshop! Get tickets at

Dec 13, 2021

Does email marketing ever feel overwhelming? Or do you feel like you’re not using your list to its full potential? You’re not alone. Good news is we have email marketing expert Nate Kennedy with us this week! Nate, Jason Wojo, and Polish Peter cover:

  • The metrics to look at to determine if your email marketing is working
  • Some simple ways to increase engagement, learn more about the people on your list, and sort your list into groups to help you market to them better
  • The magic of keeping things simple
  • What to do to combat the common problem of winding up in spam folders

And more. If you’re a business owner or are looking to reach more people you’re already connected with, stick around!

Learn more about Nate and his email marketing strategies at

Dec 1, 2021

Believe it or not, it’s possible to be mentally mastered by money whether you’re wealthy or broke. Some of us feel that money eludes us; others of us feel that money causes problems and we want nothing to do with it. Buckle up and get ready to uncover what YOUR money mindset is and how you can change it! This week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter cover:

  • What questions to ask yourself to gain self awareness of how your money mindset holds you back
  • How even wealthy people can be mastered by money in their minds (and how to figure out if you’re mastered by money)
  • How thinking about “who you need to become” can change the way you think about money (and even help money flow into your life)

And then some. Grab a notebook and get ready to transform your mind and beyond so you can experience mental AND financial freedom!

Nov 23, 2021

How do you build wealth from scratch? How do you grow your wealth so you can retire early or have more free time?  Mindy and Scott of BiggerPockets get these questions all the time...and they have answers! 

This week, they share the 4 Levers of Wealth Creation, a powerful model for helping you build your wealth so you can experience financial freedom. They unpack:

  • The 4 levers (Spend Less, Make More, Invest, and Create)
  • Why Spend Less is the simplest (and often most impacting) lever to pull
  • How to use what you want in life to direct your wealth building strategy (and yes, there is even a strategy for when you DON’T know what you want in life!)
  • How intentionality and action are essential for changing your wealth situation

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This episode truly is for everyone, because regardless of where you are in your wealth building journey, these are the levers EVERYONE needs to consider when taking action steps towards financial freedom. Grab a notebook and get ready for some expert BiggerPockets insight!

Nov 16, 2021

Did you know that all new businesses have a series of stages they go through? If you have a business or are preparing to start one, you probably have some experience with these changes and the roadblocks you encounter along the way. 

But what exactly does your number one focus need to be depending on where you’re at in your business? Joe Newton of EIJ Solutions is here to help! He takes us through:

  • How to delegate out some tasks to save time (his suggestions are probably not the ones you’re thinking of!)
  • How to know if your systems should be simple and all-encompassing or detailed and specific
  • The top things that get in business owners’ ways when they’re starting out
  • and of course, the 4 Stages of Business Systemization

As Wojo discloses in the beginning of this episode, this interview is GOLDEN. Get ready to see the problems you face as a business owner in a whole new light so you can accelerate towards working ON your business (not IN it)!

To learn more about implementing systems into your business, visit

Nov 16, 2021

Do you feel like you keep trying and trying with your goals, but accomplishing them eludes you? Well good news is, ALL successful people have been where you’re at. It took Wojo 10 years to win his first body building competition, 104 attempts to get his first wakeboarding roll, and 82 offers to get his first real estate deal. This week, he and Polish Peter dive into how to maintain resilience on the long journey to success. They cover:

  • How to design your goals so you are encouraged, not discouraged.
  • How to look at your failures as moments where you inch closer to success
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to reward yourself on your journey
  • and the power of visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal

If you have any lingering goals, we know you’ll have lots of takeaways from this episode. Stick around and get ready to finish off the year with some massive wins!

Nov 2, 2021

Could you benefit from an accountability partner? We all could! Good news is, we have Joe Novara on the show this week! He’s a speaker, author, and business coach, and he’s going to give us the essentials of how to use accountability to excel in your life and business! Join us and learn:

  • What exactly accountability is (ie, how does it differ from telling someone what to do or having someone else make your goals for you?)
  • The importance of making sure you get REALLY clear on what results you’re looking for so you head in the right direction
  • Why accountability strategies need to match the person receiving coaching

Whether you struggle with analysis paralysis or with getting distracted by squirrels of other potential life or business endeavors, each of us need someone to help keep us on track to make it where we really want to go. Listen in and get the nudge you need to find yourself a good accountability partner!

Learn more about Joe at

Oct 26, 2021

We all negotiate. Whether we’re making sales every day in our business, or we are trying to get a better rate when our car is in the shop, if finances are involved, often, so is negotiating. Rick Fagan has unique knowledge in negotiating from years of experience in managing bands, representing athletes, brokering jets, and so much more! His eye opening insight includes:

  • The essential step of doing your due diligence (and how to use M&Ms to help with this!)
  • How to make sure you’re being upfront yet not putting yourself at a disadvantage
  • The importance of listening
  • And even what we can learn from FBI agents who negotiate high stakes situations, like getting hostages freed

Rick has insightful anecdotes and tips that shed a light on negotiating in a way that can save you time and may even save you an upcoming sale! Whether you’re negotiating on a daily basis or you want to improve on daily life transactions, don’t go anywhere!

Oct 20, 2021

Steve and Laura once read that if they had 100 doors, they’d have freedom. By almost accomplishing this goal, they found its promise to be far from the truth.

After being tied down by debt, overwhelmed by their properties, and restricted by many other relatable struggles, they made some major changes to correct their course towards the life they truly wanted. Today, they share their story, and it shines a light on decisions many of us are grappling with, including:

  • Choosing your dream life over empty milestones (like a certain number of doors or a certain income)
  • Deciding to invest in employees and coaching (even when it seems cheaper to go solo)
  • Intentionally confronting limiting beliefs about things you think you need
  • And so much more.

Whether you’re in real estate, or not, in debt or not, we know Steve & Laura’s story will hit home for you in one of many pivotal lessons they’ve learned in their years involved with Lifeonaire. Get ready to learn from people who have faced struggles you may be facing today, and have turned everything around for the better!

Oct 12, 2021

Finish this sentence: “Money is….”

What IS money to you? Whether you see money as a problem or as your number-one-motivator, Rocky Lalvani is here to teach you how to discover your money beliefs, challenge them, and ultimately transform them. He covers:

  • The surprising timeline of when most of our perspectives on money form
  • Some common misconceptions people have about finances (some of these may ring a bell for you!)
  • How to know where you should be putting your efforts (ie, making more, cutting expenses, or saving time)
  • Why we should talk about money instead of awkwardly avoid it

And that’s just some of it. Rocky articulates many of the struggles we all face about this tool that’s woven into so many parts of our lives. If you want to master it instead of it mastering you, you won’t want to miss this spectacular episode!

Oct 6, 2021

Last week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter shared the highlights of four different high-level presentations from the recent Lifeonaire Summit. This week, they’re covering Part 2 as they leak some fascinating gold nuggets our top notch speakers shared at the Summit! This incredible content includes:

  • Does the Vision process REALLY work (and if so, how?)
  • Who do you need to become to get the life you truly want?
  • Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency legitimate?
  • Is there a price to living the life everyone around me seems to be living?

If any of these topics spark your interest, don’t go anywhere! Enjoy the second and final part of the Lifeonaire Summit highlights.

Sep 28, 2021

If you think like a Lifeonaire, you probably want to grow in all aspects of your life, from your investments, to your relationships, to your spiritual life, to your mental health. Good news is, we provide a well-rounded educational mashup at the annual Lifeonaire Summit! And the best part is, if you missed our recent Summit, you can check out these highlights to get a taste of what was covered. In part 1, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter discuss four topics covered in the first four presentations:

  • What does unconditional love for yourself look like?
  • What is real success, and how do we change the rules of success?
  • Are short-term rentals for you?
  • What is faith, and what can it really do for your life?

If any of these topics spark your interest, don’t go anywhere! Enjoy part one of the Lifeonaire Summit highlights.

Sep 14, 2021

Have you ever made an exciting goal, but found yourself drifting off course? It’s not that you didn’t want the goal (in fact, you REALLY wanted it), but something seemed to get in the way?

Most of us wind up here because we weren’t using Action Items and Waypoints. That’s why Jason Wojo and Polish Peter are here to provide a quick crash course on what these two powerful tools are and how to use them.

You’re gonna hear some example scenarios with potential waypoints to use along the way, how these tools have an uncanny ability to shift the possibility that we will actually reach our destination, and then some.

So if you’re struggling to achieve your goals or stay on course OR you’d like to increase the loftiness of your goals and need some strategies to help you get there, you don’t want to miss this one. Get ready to take this simple concept and have radical shifts in your ability to stay on target!

Sep 7, 2021

Lynn Anderson was in a place many of us can relate to. Debt and workaholism had drained her, and she couldn’t imagine how she got where she was. Things have changed big time (and they can for you too!) Lynn is here to share how she overcame many relatable challenges like:

  • Breaking the habit of overworking
  • Getting out of debt
  • Letting go of guilt
  • Staying energized and empowered
  • and Keeping your eyes on one prize

Nearly all of us struggle with at least one of these, so get ready to make some progress! Lynn is a true inspiration in all the things she’s accomplished through consciously making steps in the right direction. Plus, her coach Jacci is on the line with us to share what some of these steps and hacks were. By the end of this episode, maybe you too will have a Daily Power Move, an accountability partner in mind, and other ideas to propel you towards your goals!

Aug 31, 2021

You've probably heard people say that they've done some incredible things because they had a strong "Why". And maybe you're wondering, how does that even work? Turns out, people that accomplish incredible things are exceptionally tough or disciplined. They're really incredibly focused on what matters to them.

This week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter dive into the power of having a WHY. They share how this fascinating success-strategy works and provide tons of tips on how you can figure out what your why is.

If you're not already accomplishing everything you want to, stick around. Get ready to start seeing some amazing results in achieving your goals!

Aug 24, 2021

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, is back on our show with some insight that's going to change the way you look at marketing forever. Seriously, our eyes were OPENED listening to his effective marketing strategies that every small business owner or self employed person should know. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to dive into:

-   What the DAD method of marketing is

-   Why it's not the best idea to do what "works" in your industry

-   How to reframe the way you see marketing (so you no longer feel like you are bothering your prospects, and you start feeling like you're helping them)

-   Some effective, free strategies you can use in your marketing right now

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We know that after you hear Mike's marketing tips, you're gonna be inspired to make some creative changes TODAY!

Learn more about Mike and his books at (and don't forget to check out his new book Get Different to get even more fantastic content on marketing).

Aug 17, 2021

Perhaps this is you. You love your job, and you’re not interested in leaving it, but it’s causing other areas of your life to suffer. This is a very common problem many new Lifeonaires run into, but luckily, we have answers! Brain Volk is on the line today, and he’s eradicated this problem in his own life. With the right tools and mindsets, Brain took back his life from his relationships to his schedule, all without quitting his job. Stick around and learn:

  • How to recognize “conflicting Vision elements” (when one thing you want sabotages your ability to get other things you want) and how to fix them
  • The power of replacing your W2 with a 1099
  • How tools like accountability, action items, and waypoints can help you actually achieve your goals and turn your wildest dreams into your Vision, then into your LIFE
  • And how even relationships that seem irreparable can be mended

Brian is truly inspirational. He’s a go-getter, and he’s now living a life maybe you too would like to live. The best part is, you may see yourself in where he was just a few years ago; so with a similar determination, you too can live a life where you’ve got the reins!

Aug 10, 2021

Out of nowhere, Jen Heller had something unbelievable happen. One morning, she woke up barely able to use the left side of her body. This began her years-long journey of battling a spontaneous condition while trying to hold onto her life and business.

Jen’s story covers incredible—and relatable—insights and life lessons, from the strain overworking can have on your relationships, to discovering what really matters when things get tough. Jen shares some fascinating emotional discoveries she made, but also how she changed her environment in order to heal her physical injuries. You’ll be amazed at where she is now!

So stay tuned to learn some valuable info on balancing your life and getting healed from your pains, physical and emotional alike.

Jul 28, 2021

Do you ever find yourself full of goals, but quickly losing motivation to accomplish them? Well, we are throwing back to a legacy interview between Doug Ottersburg and Lifeonaire founder Steve Cook where they dive into how to program your mind so you can finally attain your goals instead of running out of steam! You may remember when we had Doug Ottersburg, self-hypnosis and mental programming expert, on the show awhile back, and if so, you probably remember how insightful he is! Stick around and learn:

  • How our brains are like computers and get ‘programmed’ as we grow up and age
  • The transformational power of shifting into statements about what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want
  • Some common negative mental code most of us possess (that we don’t even realize) and how to change it
  • Some creative practical ideas for sticking to the habits that will help you achieve your goals
  • And some things you should know about mindset if you want financial abundance

As Doug says, success equals Small Disciplines Done Daily. Get in on this powerful insight by tuning in!

Jul 21, 2021

So maybe you know what you want your life to look like, but you’re struggling to adjust your business so you can have that life. Or maybe you don’t know where to begin with creating a business that serves you and not the other way around. Jason Wojo and Polish Peter are here to help! This week, they cover 3 Key Business Principles that they cover at our 3-Day Business Builder events. The principles are:

  1. SEADing your business
  2. Ready, Fire, Aim
  3. Keeping it Simple

If you’re not sure what these 3 principles are, then we have a treat for you! Stick around and get a 30-minute crash course on how to level up your business TODAY.

Interested in diving in more? Join us at our upcoming Business Builder Workshop in Raleigh August 5-7! Go to to claim your spot. As a loyal listener, use special promo code PODCAST at the checkout for a major discount :)

Jul 14, 2021

Many business owners are Christians, but they don’t know whether or not to—or how to—integrate their faith into their business. Author of The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure Business Dr. Ron Eccles has answers! He’s going to cover how to overcome the struggles many business owners face, but that’s not all. Ron has something for everyone because in this episode, he provides tons of insights on how to get the results you want in life. Stick around to hear about:

  • The eye-opening Bamboo Tree story
  • The ITAR model for getting the results you want for everything in your life
  • How building a better YOU builds a better BUSINESS
  • Treating the cause, not the symptom to eliminate problems
  • and then some

Whether your business is faith-driven, or not, you won’t want to miss this one. Ron’s passion is truly infectious, and we know you’ll be transformed by the many analogies, acronyms, insights, and inspiration he provides!

Check out Ron’s book The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure Business

Jul 6, 2021

If you’ve ever thought ‘there’s NO WAY I could do that,’ we’re about to blow your mind! Carin Zinter is an expert at pushing her comfort zone to achieve incredible feats, from daily swims in the icy waters of the Connecticut river to 60+ mile ultramarathons. She’s here to share how you too can master your mind to complete even your wildest goals! Stick around and learn:

  • How to apply inspiration to your own life and not compare yourself to others
  • The power of cultivating curiosity in your everyday life
  • How small challenges evolve into completion of impressive feats
  • How pushing your comfort zone not only helps you push your limits, but also gives you profound gratitude
  • And how to break the negotiating your mind does when you’re suffering (like when running an ultra-marathon)

Your goals probably look different than Carin’s, but it’s the principles you’ll learn in this episode that will help you push past the things in your mind that are holding you back. Get ready to start adding your craziest goals to your to-do list, because believe it or not, you’re capable of them!

Jun 29, 2021

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Most of the time, this happens when we have mindsets that are holding us back. Good news is, you can discover those mindsets and take the reins in your brain today! In this episode, Polish Peter and Jason Wojo cover a perspective-shifting element of mindset training: the power of changing your beliefs! Join us in this conversation which covers:

  • Some common beliefs about ourselves that hold many of us back (you might experience some of these)
  • The Belief-Behavior-Results Cycle
  • Some commonalities all successful people have (and what they have to do with mindset)
  • Does ‘fake it till you make it’ really work?
  • and then some!

Get ready to close the gaps of your remaining vision elements. Mastering your mind can help you be ready to take anything that comes your way and achieve your wildest dreams!

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