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Mar 22, 2023

Over the course of our careers, we have many bosses, many co-workers, many clients, or many business partners…


But we only have one family.


Yet, many times, we find ourselves bending over backwards to appease the people we work with, despite the fact we could be replaced at work and forgotten about at any moment.


Cory M Carlson recognized this problem. He saw the pressure many of us are under to succeed at work and the cost it often entails on our lives at home. He even saw it in his own life. 


After years of coaching leaders and entrepreneurs through changing their lives and writing his book Winning at Home First, he’s here to share his secrets!


Cory digs into:

  • The journey of getting out of the corporate world (and how it’s often a step-by-step, methodical ease-out rather than one day quitting your job)

  • How to overcome the temptation to get ahead at work, or take advantage of career opportunities (and how to choose your kid’s soccer game over the networking happy hour)

  • How to balance heavier seasons at work with intentional time with the family

  • Tricks for reframing your work mindset so you can expertly diffuse the many pressures that come with trying to move up the ladder or build your business

  • How you can have both the great career or business AND the great family life


This discussion provides so much clarity in the storm that is trying to navigate the work-life balance. And not only is Cory’s journey a token example of these life-changing Lifeonaire-like principles at work, they can work for you too!


If you are moved to take action, we’d also love to give you a free resource! To check out our 4 Stages to Financial Prosperity so you can work less and make more, go to


Mar 15, 2023

Mary George was burdened with many relatable struggles. She was overworked, had a broken relationship with her daughter, was drinking too much, and had challenges with her faith.


Perhaps you can relate, as unfortunately, many Americans can.


But since then, her life has completely transformed. She: 


  • Has cut down to part-time work

  • Is using simple real estate strategies to make excess cash

  • Has had major breakthroughs on her journey of repairing things with her daughter

  • Has let go of drinking

  • Enjoys regular hobbies and traveling

  • Is stronger in her faith than ever


What changed? How did Mary turn her life around? Well, she's here to share her journey with us. And the best part is, Mary is a token example of how if you want to change your life, you can! So we hope that if you see yourself in her story that it inspires you to take the first steps towards a life you thrive in.


If you are moved to take action, we’d also love to give you a free resource! To check out our 4 Stages to Financial Prosperity so you can work less and make more, go to

Mar 9, 2023

There are LOADS of real estate investing models out there. Many claim you’ll “get rich quick” or that you can build a passive income stream with little to no effort.


The truth is, it takes strategy and effort to become successful in real estate, but the good news is, anyone can do it and use it to achieve financial freedom if they find what works for them and if they follow a few key things.


Our guest, John Burley, teaches people how to build massive real estate businesses that generate tens of thousands of dollars a month. He’s here to dive into the thing many real estate investors are missing when they go into real estate: they don’t approach real estate the way they would a business.


What does he mean by this? Listen in and find out. John has DECADES worth of experience that he’s shared with tens of thousands of people who have come to hear what he has to say, and he’s about to give us his insight about this missing factor that, if incorporated, can allow you to build a real estate business that will succeed in any market.


We’d also love to give you a free resource to go along with this episode! To check out our quick start guide, How to Create a Wildly Profitable Business You Love, go to

Mar 1, 2023

Do you have dreams of being wildly successful? Perhaps you wonder what’s different about the people that get there. Good news is, they weren’t just born with the means. They have specific strategies to ensure they win.


Today, we’re diving into these strategies so you too can guarantee yourself success.


We have author of the best-selling “Exactly What to Say” on this week: Phil M Jones. He’s an expert in influence, communication, achieving goals, and more.


This episode is absolutely packed with gold (seriously, you’ll want to take notes for this one!) Here’s just a fraction of what he dives into:


  • What seeing business as “a game you play to win” can do for your ability to be courageous in your greatest entrepreneurial challenges

  • Simple and effective tips that can massively increase your ability to influence others (these strategies are extremely useful in sales)

  • Why many people fail to launch and get stuck right before they take the first step that could make them a success (being aware of this can help you break out of this trap)

  • How to skyrocket your confidence by setting up your goals to ensure that you will win (you’ll be entering a space where most days, you win).


Sound exciting? It is! There’s something for everyone in this episode. Get ready to break through your fear of failure, get insight on how to communicate better, get inspired, and so much more.


Feb 22, 2023

We have a VERY special episode today, because Jason Wojo and Polish Peter went live to share about something that can drastically change how quickly you can solve your biggest problems and experience your biggest dreams.


They’ve revealed the top 5 mistakes they see people make then they try to create their Visions.


Peter and Wojo have walked thousands of people through this process, so they’re experts in helping people get out of their own way so they can ACTUALLY have the life they want (instead of feeling stalled out by a vague notion of how to have an incredible life.)


So if you:


  • Don’t understand how a Vision could help you

  • Feel like you have an idea in your head of what you want in your life, but you feel like you never get any closer to achieving it

  • Are beat down by an exhausting job, or a failing relationship, or simply feeling like you never have time to really enjoy life

  • Are fired up about having a life full of financial and time freedom, and you want to get there as fast as possible


Then listen in! And don’t stop there…


As Wojo and Peter mention in the episode, we’re offering a special deal to our fantastic podcast listeners (YOU!) Right now, you can use the promo code FACEBOOK to get 50% off tickets to an upcoming Get-A-Life Getaway. Go to, use the code FACEBOOK at checkout, and get on the fast track to the life you deeply want for a fraction of what it’s worth.


Feb 15, 2023

Ex-legendary-body-builder Peter Putnam not only excelled at one impressive endeavor, but he made a massive career pivot into something totally unexpected: MUSIC!


…How? Why?


Peter’s story is a fascinating one of pursuing what really matters in life, something we all long to do more of. Wouldn’t you like the freedom to just shift gears and follow where your heart is guiding you? Or wouldn’t you like the courage to let go of the security of what you have now to dedicate more time to what’s important (maybe it’s family, or traveling, or hobbies that you love so much, you lose track of time when you’re doing them).


We all could benefit from thinking a little more like Peter. That’s why we have him on the show this week so we can get in the head of someone that doesn’t let ANYTHING get in the way of pursuing what matters. So if you’re stuck in the weeds, losing time for the things you love, or needing some encouragement to do something scary, this one’s meant for you!


Be sure to check out Peter's music wherever you listen! Here's his latest album on Apple Music:


Feb 8, 2023

Do you have a habit or coping mechanism that you wish you could break away from but can’t seem to figure out how? Maybe it’s substances, or snacking, or scrolling on social media.


Whatever your vice is, Lora Harris is here to share her inspirational story about how she severed her ties with alcohol, a decision that massively changed her entire life. Now, she’s 4 years sober, and as she says in the episode, she’s doing things she never would have thought possible!


Even if your coping mechanism isn’t alcohol, this message is truly for everyone because Lora covers:


  • What catalysts need to occur in order for you to finally see results in changing your habits (because you can probably related to the many failed attempts that often come from trying to change a vice; her insight may give you clarity on how to break this cycle)

  • How to navigate the identity shift that might happen when you make this decision

  • Hope for the life you can have on the other side of what’s holding you back


And then some. So if you are held back by ANY bad habit (big or small) get ready to be inspired by someone who has overcome theirs. You can too!

Jan 31, 2023

We’ve been seeing it all over the news for months (even years):


“Times are tough.”


From the economy to politics to maybe even some personal challenges you might be facing, it might seem like the bad news never stops flooding in. As Lifeonaires, how can we prepare ourselves for this and live abundantly?


In this episode, Wojo and Peter explore how to approach difficulties with mindsets and strategies that will help you master the art of riding the ebbs and flows of life. They cover:


  • What to do when fear strikes
  • How to manage risk with the looming threat of changing times (maybe you’re new to investing and understand that big payoffs require big risks, but you’re not ready to take the leap. If that’s you, listen in!)
  • What “Offense and Defense” mean in this context, and how to expertly balance the two
  • Hacks for taking advantage of tough times (and how you can take low-risk action on opportunities while everyone else is hanging back)
  • How to progress towards your Vision when times are tough


Don’t continue to let fear get in your way! Grab a pen and paper and get ready to have some mindsets and strategies for not just surviving in these times, but THRIVING!

Jan 25, 2023

Your attitude can help you reach your greatest potential. In fact, this week, our guest demonstrates what happens when you approach life with an attitude of charity, curiosity, and more. We have Calvin Crosslin (VP of HR, Chief Diversity Officer AND President of the Lenovo Foundation at Lenovo) to share the secret sauce for success!


Calvin has a heart for giving and a zest for learning. That’s why you’ll want to listen to this one very carefully because Calvin talks about a variety of different game-changers he’s discovered about leadership and getting the most out of your relationships with others (in both ideal and non-ideal situations). 


If you take on some of the approaches he shares, it’s going to help you tremendously in several different avenues including business, your personal life, and so much more.

Jan 17, 2023

Have you ever had a moral failure that you felt you couldn’t come back from? Or have you ever had someone you loved or looked up to make a mistake that felt unforgivable?


This week’s episode covers a heavy topic that many of us will experience through our own actions or others’ (if not already). Our guest this week, Mike Lee, was a pastor of a large church until he had an affair. And he’s here to tell his story about everything he’s learned from this failure, from how to pick up the pieces of your life when you make a big mistake, to how to treat someone who has made a big mistake and is trying to rectify it.


We want to emphasize that we are in no way condoning affairs and similar actions, or excusing behavior. We believe this is an important conversation to have because we want to provide help to you as a listener for times like these. You may be wondering: is God done with me yet? How should I treat someone who did something I don’t condone? How should we as Christians take failure in our leadership? Can I walk with someone who is trying to be a new person after messing up without excusing their actions? These are the tough questions we want to shed light on.

Jan 11, 2023

Are you struggling to get out of the weeds in your business? 


The good news is every business owner who is now able to enjoy the time and financial freedom that comes with their endeavors was once in your shoes. They just had the keys to help them get out of the woods.


That’s why on this special episode, we have the CEO of the most successful marketing and automation software on the line: Clate Mask! He’s going to share the essential mindsets and strategies he used to get his business where it’s at now (running smoothly with over 125,000 clients).


Clate pulls back the curtain on:


  • The SHORT list of things you as a leader/CEO should be focusing on (and yes, anything outside this list is probably in the weeds)
  • Why you should see customer complaints as a gift (thinking this way can eradicate the instinct to put your head in the sand when negative feedback comes in)
  • How to determine if it’s time to move or or adjust with an idea or employee
  • And how to marry the long term vision of your company with the day-to-day execution (so you’ll know what strategies to run with that will propel you towards your vision)


Clate is a GOLD MINE of ideas, so if you have a struggling business, or you want to take yours to the next level, or if you’re a leader in your career, buckle up, and get ready to shoot from surviving to thriving!


To learn more about Clate’s automation and marketing company, Keap, go to

Jan 3, 2023

Brian Trippe was going through the tragedy of divorce, and it put him in a very dark place. Perhaps you can relate.

When it happened, Brian had a decision to make. He could turn to indulgences to try to numb the pain (drinking, sitting at home alone, stress eating, drugs) but he chose a different route….After seventeen years of a sedentary lifestyle, he made a decision to go on a walk. 

Three years later, Brian is an Ironman Triathlon athlete!

And he’s here to share about how to make decisions that will lead you towards the positive and away from the negative so you can benefit from good health, mental strength, aligned priorities, and an overall ability to navigate whatever comes your way.

In this packed interview, Brian covers:

  • Why and how to choose good habits in your life each day
  • How achieving a massive goal always starts with smaller waypoints (ie, if you are sedentary, your first goal can be to walk mile, and as you progress, so will your goals)
  • The all-encompassing positive effects working out can have on your attitude, confidence, and more
  • That if you know you need to do something, but it’s super out of your comfort zone, that’s the very thing that needs your attention

If you feel stuck in the grip of tragedy or the pull of negative influences in your life, don’t go anywhere. Brian's insight has something to offer anyone who is struggling.