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Welcome to the Lifeonaire Show, where we help people make more, work less, and create lives they love. Based off of the best-selling book Lifeonaire, we are on a mission to transform the lives of business leaders all around the world. On our show, we interview experts in real estate, marketing, health, and other tools you can use to radically change your life. After the show, check out the Lifeonaire Facebook group to get connected with us and learn from others on how to accelerate towards your dream life and business. Now, let’s get into it!
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Oct 5, 2022

Did you know that land investing is an easy-to-learn, affordable, and adaptable form of investing that you can get started in with VERY little money?

PJ Reilly has made a business out of land investing, and he says this strategy can be for absolutely ANYONE! And he’s here to share about how he got started in this endeavor and some reasons why it could be a great investment fit for you too.

If you’ve never considered giving this a shot before, stick around and hear about PJ’s experience with this avenue. He covers some useful tips for someone who’s getting started, including: 

  • Ways you can get in the game with just a few hundred bucks
  • How to avoid shiny-object syndrome
  • The number one thing he wishes he knew when he was getting started

And then some. Get ready to get a crash course in what could be your next approach for gaining residual income and living your Vision!

Sep 27, 2022

Eric Holsapple has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Maybe you can relate. In fact, he found that he was quickly able to find massive success in real estate….working 70-80 hours a week. Plus, his health, relationships, and personal life weren’t thriving. 

He knew something was missing and that he needed to change something.

Along the way, Eric found the transformational power of focus and mindfulness. He’s here today to share how you too can apply these practices to uncover a more well-rounded, low stress, AND profitable life.

If you’ve heard a little about focus and meditation, but you’ve never tried it, now is your chance. These simple practices turned Eric’s life around.

In this interview, Eric covers:

  • MEDITATION (how to get started and how slowing down in this way can help accelerate your success)
  • FOCUS (how you can apply to it truly everything and how it makes your time-use much more productive)
  • THE NUMBER ONE STRATEGY for real estate promotion

And then some.

Get ready to learn how to apply these simple mindset practices to improve your life one simple exercise at a time.

Check out Eric’s book Profit with Presence: The Twelve Pillars of Mindful Leadership

Learn more at

Sep 20, 2022

Have you ever thought about making a list for what your perfect partner should be like?

Well, Wojo and Peter believe everyone should do this!

It might sound impossible to find someone that meets all your expectations, but that’s why Wojo and Peter have dedicated this episode to talking you through how to write a Vision for your Spouse so you can stop winding up with the wrong people and start attracting the right one. They cover:

  • How to write a stellar vision for your spouse
  • What to compromise on and what to not compromise one
  • How a vision for your spouse can actually help you become who you need to become to attract that perfect person

And more of course! Wojo and Peter have both used this powerful tool to help them find their spouses, so they speak from personal expertise and experience: this thing works!

Sep 13, 2022

Greg Denning travels the world with his wife and their seven kids.

Sounds impossible right? Except it’s not!

Greg found himself on the streets at 16 with nothing to his name and no one to go to. But he decided to go on a mission to discover how to have a happy, meaningful life. Along the way, he learned how to create a vision and make it a reality.

And he’s here to share how he did it and how you can too!

If you have dreams but you feel like something’s in your way (maybe you don’t know how you can make a living while living your dream life, or you don’t know how to juggle a family and everything else the world has to offer) then grab a pen and paper and listen in. This interview with Greg will leave you not only inspired, but with action steps of where to begin so you too can make your dream life YOUR reality!

Sep 7, 2022

Eric Swahn embodies the dream chaser in all of us. His goal is to make his living doing what he loves the most.

And Eric loves motorcycle racing!

He’s been taking tons of creative angles to make this his career from sponsorships, to coaching, and more. Plus he’s incredibly insightful on how you can vastly improve your skills and craft.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to approach your passion so you can become a master at it 
  • Different ways to learn from people who are ahead of you
  • The magic of being present
  • The power of cross-training
  • How going all in helps you attract opportunities so you can make a living with your passion

Whether you are fascinated with motorcycle racing or you relate to Eric on striving to make a living doing what you love, buckle up. This is a great opportunity to fully commit to your passion by absorbing this powerful insight!

Aug 30, 2022

Over the years, Jason Wojo has heard a few questions come up over and over again for people that are first getting introduced to Lifeonaire. He’s narrowed down the top 5 questions that he hears most often:

  1. Why do I need a Vision?
  2. What IS a Vision?
  3. Why do you focus on life first instead of on making money first?
  4. Are Lifeonaires lazy?
  5. Can I live my Vision and keep my day job? (and if not, how do I quit my job?)

Maybe you’re wondering about these same topics. Or maybe you know someone who’s watching you begin to live your dream life, and they are asking you these questions, but you don’t really know how to explain Lifeonaire.

We’ve got answers! Listen in as Jason Wojo and Polish Peter dive into these common questions and their answers so together we can get more and more people equipped with the knowledge they need to have a Vision led, fulfilled life!

Want to talk about these questions or others? Come over to our Facebook group at

Aug 16, 2022

“One day, I was a millionaire, but it didn’t feel like it.” Lifeonaire coach Ken Holmes was doing everything “right”, but it wasn’t what he truly wanted.

Then everything changed when Ken finally wrote a Vision. His life began to turn around, and he started seeing the things he wrote down actually coming to fruition in his life.

This week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter throw back to one of our most popular episodes of all time where they talk with Ken Holmes about the magic of the Vision process. Ken dives into the insight he’s gained about the Vision process through personal experience and from many years of coaching others to success.

Listen to learn which common mistakes to avoid when writing your Vision, how to sort out the outside pressures to discover what you want, the key ingredients for letting the Vision magic work, and much more!

Trying to figure out where to start with your Vision?...

Aug 9, 2022

Do you need a transformation?

If you haven’t been to a Get-A-Life Getaway yet, it is a 3-day journey where we teach you how to break out of living an unfulfilling life and how to discover and move towards the life you really desire and deserve. After 3 days, attendees leave transformed with a new sense of freedom and new action plans to help them take the reins in their lives.

Honestly, it’s hard to describe what happens at Get-A-Life Getaways. We’ve heard things like “In 3 days, I completely changed my life.”

So we want to share a little of the magic that happens by discussing some of the common concerns people come in with and the common takeaways they leave with. As Wojo says in this episode, at our core, we are all VERY similar, so these stories will likely speak to you in a profound way. Listen in as Jason Wojo and Polish Peter unpack this powerful event and how it impacted the hundreds of people that attended our recent one in Nashville.

If you too want a new and improved life, go to to get in on the next Get-A-Life Getaway.

Aug 3, 2022

If you’re new to business, you might be concerned about how few people actually make a living being their own boss. You may be wondering: how do I jump in and not be just another failed entrepreneur?

The thing is, you absolutely can become a wildly successful entrepreneur. You just need to know a few essentials. And that’s what this week’s episode is all about.

Our guest this week, Brian Mountain, is not only a wildly successful entrepreneur, but he’s also incredibly gifted in teaching others how to live their own lives of freedom through business ownership! 

This week, you’ll hear some fascinating tips from Brian to help you become one of the few that win the game. He covers methods to help you learn the ropes without massive risk and how (and why) to always be opportunistic.

This value-packed episode is useful for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike to help you refine your perspectives and ensure your success!

Jul 26, 2022

Jason Wojo and Nana Bonsu recently got connected, and after some fascinating conversations, they realized something: Nana’s ideologies are quite similar to Lifeonaire’s!

This week, hear about Lifeonaire-like principles from a fresh perspective. Nana, host of Build Value By Choice Podcast, covers tons of tips on how you as a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur can achieve freedom by making decisions that allow your business to function without you. He dives into:

  • Why you should focus on streamlining the processes that are revenue generating
  • What the “curse of talent” is
  • How those who you delegate tasks to will often do better than you could have done yourself
  • How to see you business like your child (something you want to someday be able to flourish without you)
  • The importance of setting the right goals, and how to make your decisions according to your goals
  • And this challenge: can you get to the point where you can step away from your business for 3 months and have it run smoothly?

So if you feel like you can’t get away from your business for a week or even a day without things collapsing, stick with us and hear a new voice share how these principles REALLY work!

Learn more about Nana Bonsu on LinkedIn, and check out his podcast Build Value By Choice.

Jul 19, 2022

Dan Perry hated his engineering job. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you too went down the path that was promised to give you a great life, and it left you feeling miserable and longing for Fridays each week.

Then Dan took his life into his own hands. He found himself not only starting a handyman business, but also teaching others how to get their businesses started as handymen.

What makes this episode special is that it’s not just for aspiring handymen. This is for aspiring business owners across the board! There are TONS of takeaways for all of us, like:

  • How to begin if you know you want to start a business but don’t know which endeavor is right for you
  • How to push past Imposter Syndrome and confidently set the rates you deserve
  • How teaching others while you too are learning can create rich content AND could season you to become a coach
  • How to deal with the “what-ifs” that arise when you’re getting started in your business

So if the business-bug has bit you, you’re in the right place. Get ready to gain some insight and confidence so you can take your first (or next) entrepreneurial steps!

Learn more about Dan and his business at

Jul 12, 2022

A challenge we all must face (whether it’s in taking our first step in real estate investing, or jumping into a new career) is trying something that we have very little experience in. 

The good news is, there are always others who have been there and done that, and if you can build relationships with them, shouldn’t you be able to follow in their footsteps?

Jason Roberts joined Lifeonaire 12 years ago, and he has since taken an incredible real estate journey that eventually led him to his current endeavor: an incredibly successful assisted living facility. 

Huge deals like this one used to scare Jason, so what changed? Well, he has TONS of things to share about how he was able to overcome the fear and uncertainty of large deals like these, but it really comes down to one key thing: 

Jason had a network. 

And he’s here to share about how having these relationships with people that knew what he didn’t know helped him get to where he is today. Stick around, and get ready to get the gears turning of how you too can tap into the power of a network.

Learn more about Jason at

Start building your network by joining us on our Facebook community. There are tons of people there who have lots of experience with investing, business ownership, working less, and living a life to the fullest. Get plugged in today at

Jul 5, 2022

Wojo was eager to bring Sam Kenoly on the Lifeonaire Show because he has expertise in an area that every one of us can benefit from learning about. From work, to ministry or volunteering, to parenting, this topic is something we all must strive for excellence in….

Through decades of leadership experience as a worship leader and beyond, Sam is an incredibly skilled leader, and he’s here to reveal his leadership essentials. He covers:

  • How to practice humility as a leader while still presenting your credibility
  • The importance of seeing the success of those you’re leading as your top priority
  • Why you should study personality and approach each member of your team accordingly
  • And biblical examples of leadership and how we can apply them to our own leadership

If you’re a business owner, manager, volunteer leader, or anything else that involves guiding others, don’t go anywhere. Sam has some fascinating, fresh perspectives that will ignite a new fire in your approach to leadership!

Jun 29, 2022

After breaking his leg, Dallon Schultz found himself unable to work his day job. In an attempt to provide for his family, he went down the road of real estate investing and has since found financial freedom through it. In fact, he’s been working on some multi-million dollar projects, and he’s only been in the business for three and a half years.

How has Dallon been able to achieve this kind of scale AND have the life he wants in such a short period of time? Well, he’s here to share some of his fundamental perspectives that have contributed to getting him where he is today. He covers:

  1. The balance between analyzing and quickly taking action (and how to achieve this with a team of individuals with different strengths)
  2. The role your gut and intuition plays in investing (and how to season your intuition so you can begin to rely on it)
  3. How to choose an investing avenue
  4. And the undeniable importance of gaining experience

If you’re looking to hear a real story of someone who was able to leave his day job and find success in real estate, or you’re looking for tips on how to gain confidence in your investing journey, join Wojo, Peter, and Dallon as they dive into powerful tips for anyone seeking financial and life freedom!

Jun 22, 2022

We all know that a car won’t drive if one of its components is falling apart. Yet many of us neglect parts of our own lives, not realizing the damage this can have on us as a whole. 

That’s why we have Eddie Weller on with us to talk about getting “weller”, or making a lifestyle of taking care of all aspects of wellness (from diet, to fitness, to relationships, to business), and how living this way can take you out of the pit of low energy, dissatisfaction, and things falling apart.

Eddie covers:

  • The intelligence inside of all of us that practicing wellness can help us unleash
  • How when one element of your life (emotional, spiritual, physical, etc) is suffering, it can and will affect other parts of your life
  • Why in order to give to others, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself holistically
  • How to create a vision with your partner

Does this ring a bell? Probably because it sounds a lot like Lifeonaire! Whether these concepts are new to you, or you’ve heard them before, stick around to get some eye-opening examples of WHY being intentional with ALL parts of your life is important. You might find yourself discovering something you’ve been putting on the backburner. 

To learn more about Eddie’s charity, visit

Jun 14, 2022

The Lifeonaire Show history was made today! We have our first three-peat guest on today, and he is none other than Mike Michaelowicz (author of several massively successful books on business, including Profit First, Clockwork, and Get Different). Every time we have Mike on, he floods us with powerful, novel, thought-provoking ideas. 

This week, we discussed a variety of popular topics on all-things business, including:

  • Do you actually need a business plan?
  • Should you and your spouse be business partners, and if so, how can you make it work?
  • What can you measure to determine if you should keep going or pivot?
  • Is “overnight success” real, and if so, how do people achieve it?
  • Why we should approach our business like tacking in sailing

And then some. Regardless of your business experience, we can assure you that Mike’s ideas are going to surprise you, so if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur in the making, grab a pen and paper and get ready to absorb this!

Learn more about Mike’s latest endeavor, helping train people to become authors at

Jun 7, 2022

How would you like to have more energy, better sleep, higher productivity, and a better feeling in your body each day?

We have two transformational tips you need to try.

James Swanwick is globally successful in two areas of wellness: cutting out alcohol, and getting better sleep. He’s here this week to talk about these two lifestyle changes you can make in order to see massive improvements.

James covers:

  • The power of seeing alcohol for what it is (poison with no nutritional value)
  • How to respond to people that encourage you to drink in social settings
  • How simply getting plenty of sleep isn’t enough to have the best sleep health
  • How artificial blue light tricks your brain (and what you can do to hack this)
  • And what incredible results you can expect from these small lifestyle changes

So, are you interested? Listen in and get ready to learn how to hack your habits for a better life!

Learn more about James, Project 90 for cutting out alcohol, and blue-light filter “Swannies” at

Jun 1, 2022

Ready for a fresh take on marketing? Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing Systems has some really fascinating perspectives on marketing that believe it or not, you likely haven’t heard before. Get ready to have some light bulbs turned on for you! In this episode, Diane uncovers:

  • How marketing is not about failure, but about testing (and how to make testing exciting)
  • The troubling obstacle that fear creates, and why you should always keep trying
  • And of course, how marketing is what you ARE, not what you do.

This last point is key. Perhaps you don’t feel like you want anything to do with marketing, But if you’re in business, you’re also in the marketing business. The good news is, by seeing marketing as something you are, not something you do, it can transform the way you approach it. Stick around and hear from this award winning, internationally known marketing expert!

You can find Diane on all the main social media platforms.

May 24, 2022
You probably know that Lifeonaire helps people create lives they love. But what does being a Lifeonaire do for you in the hard times?

We have Cale Schorer here to share about what being a Lifeonaire allowed him to do when tragedy struck in his life. 

Unfortunately, in October 2021, Cale lost his daughter in a tragic accident. Since then, Cale has become an incredible example for what faith, support, and a vision can do to help you through the most difficult struggles in life. Plus, he shares about how his vision allowed him to have no regrets during the last few years he was able to spend with his daughter.

This one is powerful. We will all face hardship–maybe you’re in it now. Cale’s story is such an inspiration, and we believe you’ll leave this episode with tons of takeaways on just how important it is to prioritize what matters, how powerful a support system of other Lifeonaires can be, how difficult times can inspire you to do incredible things, and so much more.

May 18, 2022

This is a VERY special episode of the Lifeonaire Show, because we are hearing from our very own Polish Peter as he dives into an eye-opening model for understanding how the mind works: the 6 Human Needs.

Each of us have a few of these needs dominating our thoughts, habits, and decision-making. The needs are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Love & Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

Understanding your top needs can help you hack your mind so you can BREAK FREE from things like:

  • Something feeling like its preventing you from attaining your Vision
  • Feeling unfulfilled, and overall dissatisfied
  • Making decisions that compromise your values

So if you don’t know the ins and outs of this model yet, don’t go anywhere. Get ready to discover your top needs and how they are working in your life so you can make better choices that lead you closer to your vision. You can attain what Peter refers to as Mind FREEDOM!

Want to take the 6 Human Needs test? Head to our Facebook Group at and post about the 6 Human Needs.

May 10, 2022

We’re continuing our marketing kick with a roundtable discussion! This week, Jason Wojo and Polish Peter took the reins and shared their thoughts on what the most important elements of marketing are. In fact, Peter has YEARS of experience in the business of marketing, and Wojo has learned a ton through his time as CEO of Lifeonaire, so you’ll definitely want to listen in. They cover this and more:

  • How to find your ideal client (and how focusing on them saves you time AND money)
  • The superpower of knowing what your clients DON’T want to help you differentiate
  • Tips like avoiding big words (like the mystery word Wojo used to describe Peter in a recent episode!)
  • And how to budget for marketing

So if you’ve been running around in circles with your marketing or you don’t even know where to begin with it, take a seat at the table!

May 3, 2022

Could your copywriting use some leveling-up? If so, stick around! Julie Novara is a copywriting expert, and she’s here to share some secrets on how to take your leads to the next level!

Perhaps you relate:

  • You’ve heard mixed messages on what makes copy effective, and don’t know where to start
  • You’ve been frustrated trying to figure out why your copy isn’t working
  • You are struggling to write copy that’s authentic to you and your business
  • OR EVEN you want to get better at verbally describing what your business has to offer

If you aren’t yet drawing in the perfect clients and customers with your writing, have no fear. You’re about to gain some valuable insight to help you get there!

Apr 26, 2022
Are you tired of playing the game of life society tells you you should play? If you’re like today’s guest Glenn Williams was several years ago, this game isn’t producing the results you were hoping it would.

We’re reviving one of our legacy episodes where Lifeonaire founder Steve Cook interviewed Lifeonaire Titanium member Glenn Williams to show you how someone who was in the same shoes you might be now can challenge the life society suggests we live and start designing his own lifestyle. Steve and Glenn cover:

  • How Glenn went from his 9 to 5 to being able to run his business remotely
  • How living location-independent doesn’t mean you need to travel all the time
  • How subscribing to the life society wants for you often has consequences (including putting your desires aside, and even sacrificing a healthy marriage)
  • How Lifeonaire helped Glenn turn his marriage around, discover what he wanted in life, and make positive changes to achieve his vision
  • And more

If you are struggling with discovering what you want in life, or you’re unsatisfied and unsure why, don’t go anywhere. ANYONE can live the life they want, and Glenn is here to show you that you too can do this!

Apr 19, 2022

After losing his leg in a terrible accident, Steve Chamberland thought his life was over. 

But not for long. 

Steve was determined to turn his hardship around and use it as inspiration to help others. Now, he’s founder of the organization 50 Legs in 50 Days and has helped almost 600 people get prosthetics. 

Steve’s story and his attitude is nothing short of inspirational. Listen in and learn from someone who thanks God every day for losing his leg because it’s allowed him to make such a life-changing impact on so many people.

So if you’re in tough times and can’t find the silver lining, or you’re looking for a dose of motivation to get out there and make a difference, don’t go anywhere!

NOTE! This episode contains some colorful language. 

Apr 13, 2022
You’ve probably heard about being a “Go-Getter”, but have you heard of being a “Go-Giver”?

Living this way is truly life changing.

And that’s why we’re thrilled to have the author of the Go-Giver on the show today: Bob Burg! 

Bob shares about how this principle works in life and business to massively transform not only your impact on others, but their desire to want to work with you. Bob answers these key questions and more:

  • How do you become a Go-Giver?
  • What positive changes will you likely see when you start applying this principle?
  • Will you get taken advantage of as a Go-Giver?
  • How does it work that this approach is immensely more effective than a ‘Dog Eat Dog’ or a ‘Take Care of Yourself’ mentality?

Get ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to hear from the guy who changed the business world with the Go-Giver way of life!

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